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  Only $1950.00 In Labor

Midwest Nova Kings

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 Only $1950.00 In Labor

​  Both sides. LH & RH

     From Concourse To Modified

                We Carry over 15,000 Used nova part Sku's in stock

Take your pick..$1950.00 in labor Either 1 Piece Front floor pan or

2 Quarters full skins. As shown below.

​Done in just 3 days start to finish.

​Call 224-225-9450

New & Used Part Sales

Maybe you bought a really nice car but the floors were never repaired to your standard or were pieced together. Not a problem for us. We replace floors like drive thru service.

​Floors installed in a finished painted convertible.

​Drive your car in and replace your floor like a brake job. In and out in 3 days.

Faster than the dealership changing your engine.

Panel replacement done right the first time.              Call 224-225-9450

And the best part is our experience and quality control reduces body work up to half the time generally needed by the way most people install.

​We are Authorized Dealers for Dynacorn and Goodmark so no need to get your panels.

We save you on FREE shipping. Most panels are in stock at our shop so no need to wait on ordering panels . We carry most floors, door skins, quarters, wheelhouses and trunk drops for 62-74 GM cars. "Nova, Camaro, Impala, Chevelle, GTO, Lemans, Cutlass and Skylark.

​Not all parts are created equal and we know which ones fit your car the best.

Our best kept secret. So no guess work on which ones you should buy.

Fabrication done in a few days not MONTHS like most shops.

Ya we said it. Just a few days. We are known for doing your quarters panels from start to finish in just 3 days and 1 piece floor pans in 3 days. We are even contracted by restoration shops to do their fabrication work and they upcharge our work.

Go direct to the source. 

​Our customers come from all over the U.S. and Canada. The 2019 Year has already started with a bang. Cars have come from Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Tennessee, several from Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky

and this month Ohio and Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida.

​Pick up & Delivery available in our new top of the line enclosed car hauler. Safety and protection of your hotrod during transport is our white glove focus. Highly rated collision protection framing.

How quarter panels are installed                       How 1 piece floors are installed